GASA: Girls After School Academy


Crisis At GASA: Vandals Destroy the Girls After School Academy

On the weekend of November 23-24th, 2013, vandals broke in and destroyed the interior of the Girls After School Academy building. Windows were broken, glass covered the floor, a hose was placed through a window and flooded the main classroom all the way out to the front playground, electronics were broken, locks on doors have been busted, security cameras removed and the Girls educational and art equipment soiled. These young ladies come to GASA for safety, security, to be taught life skills, enhance their education and be fed nutritional meals. Below is a video of the damage. If you want to help please contact immediately:

Lisa McIntyre, GASA Project Manager

(415) 406-1932

Please Help These Young Ladies at this Holiday Season….donate canned goods, clothes, art supplies, money or anything else to help keep the Girls After School Academy a safe haven for this community.

Our Mission

The¬†Girls After School Academy’s¬†Mission is to provide and educational, loving and powerful environment for low-income girls ages 5-18 so that they may be empowered to overcome barriers of poverty therby becoming dynamic contributors in the classroom, the workplace and the global economy.

GASA provides innovative educational, artistic and film-based projects for our girls so that they may learn, grow and rise out of poverty and become powerful, productive members of society.

Our challenge, however, remains the same: In an area riddled with high crime, high drug use, high pregnancy rates and low opportunities, struggles occur everyday! In many cases, funders have been resistant to invest in our community because the returns aren’t as apparent. It is not an unusual occurrence for GASA to provide these girls the only meal they will have that day, and many of them have never gone outside of the Sunnydale Housing Developments.

How can you help? Please visit our contact page for information on how you can help these girls have a chance to rise up and escape the gripping cycle of poverty facing them today.


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