Healthy Lifestyles


One of GASA’s biggest goals is to promote healthy lifestyles for our girls. Our girls are domiciled in the Sunnydale Housing Development in San Franscisco. We proved services to some of the most impoverished families in the city and county of San Francisco. Most families income and food come from public assistance. The majority of our girls have limited access to nutritional education, STD prevention education and do not fully understand the importance of well balanced meals or holistic health. This is where we help!


We teach the girls to focus on three things, health of the Mind, Body and Spirit. We achieve this by providing various camps, workshops and seminars designed to get the girls active in sports, weight management, nutrition and image development. The girls also participate in mini workshops with healthcare professionals who provided much need education imperative to adequate development. One of our biggest achievements so far has been the development of a community garden. The girls annually plant strawberries, collard greens, squash, beans and much, much more. Through the planting we teach where healthy food comes from and how it develops. After harvesting we also teach them how to cook and prepare foods that are nutritional and healthy. Sometimes these are the only healthy meals these girls will eat all week! We stress the importance of primary prevention of diseases like diabetes, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure through the planting of this garden! And, the girls love it!Beautiful Berry!


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